Deep Blue appreciates the readers for going through our privacy page. Our management has created this Privacy Policy page to showcase our firm commitment to securing your important information. We’re providing you information on how we collect data, why we do it, and what the visitors can expect from us.

Note: Our Privacy Policy page is part of the Terms and Conditions. You approve both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy when you use this website.

Information We Collect

Identifiers: We may collect the names of our customers and other visitors. The information will be used if you request an exchange or a refund. Also, note that we may ask you to provide your driver’s license. Furthermore, we may also acquire your billing and shipping address, email address, contact number, or any other digital information if the need arises.

Financial Data: When you will go through with the purchase, we will collect your payment information, such as the data on your debit or credit card, PayPal account, or any other viable gift card.

Commercial Data: We acquire information relevant to your purchases, returns, and other transactions.

Demographic Data and Classification: We will collect information like your age, gender, location, or birthdate.

Network Activity Data: If you use this website, we may collect information about your browser type or the type of operating system. We may also link back to the source website you used to come here.

Employment Data: If you’re applying for a position here, we will need information about you.

How We Collect Information

We collect information directly from our users, i.e., you. Listed below are a few examples of why and when we collect them:

  • During site or survey registration
  • If you use our online forms or provide us with comments and reviews
  • If you upload or share pictures or other content through our website or social media handles
  • If you request a quote or any other information
  • If you request a return or refund of a product
  • If you apply through our employment portal

How We Use Information

We use the information we collect in the following directions:

  • Your information can be used to respond to your questions or requests. For instance, when you’ve finalized your order (payment information), administered your contest participation, or responded to a product or service review.
  • We may use your information to make our website more efficient and provide you with better services.
  • We might use your information to identify consumer behavior and combine information from third parties to identify and assess trends and interests.
  • Our experts will use your information to protect the company, you, and our website.

We May Share Information To

To offer financial products: We may use service providers or other third parties to offer financial products, such as the At Home credit card. We may share personal information about our consumers with these entities to provide you with tailored information about products, services, and special offers. These entities also have their own privacy statements that set out how they will collect, use and disclose personal information.

With any successor to all or part of our business: For example, if all or part of our business is sold, we may sell or disclose our customer list in preparation for or as part of that transaction.

To provide extended warranty services: If you purchase a warranty service, you will be required to provide information such as your name and address to our warranty service providers. It’s true that these providers are limited by contract in the way they may use your information to provide warranty services; we encourage you to review each service provider’s privacy statement at the time you submit your personal information for such services.

Other Policies


A cookie is a text placed in a file on your drive by a website that you’ve visited. That website may use these cookies for authentication purposes. For instance, we will maintain your computer’s session to the server with these cookies. We do not share information we may learn about you through these cookies.

Personal Information

As mentioned earlier, we acquire personal information that you provide us voluntarily, such as your name, residential address, billing address (if it’s different), and contact number. This information may be used when you call us, send us an email, or fill out the form on the website. We will send your information to the relevant department if you decide to do business with us or work with us.

Note: We don’t sell information we receive through our website to any third party.

Testimonials and Customer Feedback

First of all, we highly appreciate your feedback, and all of us at Deep Blue incorporate changes as requested to make our services better. Secondly, if you send us a testimonial or publish it on public platforms like Google, Yelp, or other social media, we might publish it on our websites as advertisements with your name on them.

Policy Revisions

We have the right to add/remove/change privacy policies if the need arises. However, we will promptly communicate with you on the website or via email. Also, please note that any changes applied will not affect how we handle any personal information submitted to us before.


Please note that we maintain administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect ourselves from dangerous activities. Furthermore, our secure socket layer (SSL) will also keep your personal information secure. So, your sensitive information, including card details, financial information, and personal information, remains safe with us.


Some parts of our website comprise third-party website links. So, if you click on any of those links, you will be taken to websites that we don’t control. Therefore, our privacy policies do not apply on those websites, and you should read the policies on those websites carefully.

Contact Us

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